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Here at Cheyenne Farm Kennel we breed our dogs as family dogs, but they may also very well be show dogs. We breed our dogs for temperament and family environment. Here at Cheyenne Farm Kennel, we strive to match our puppies to your family needs.

Cheyenne Farm Kennel specializes in the following breeds:


  • Breed Group: Sporting - Weight: male: 65-75, female: 55-65 lbs
  • Height: male: 23-24, female: 21.5-22.5 inches
  • Color(s): various shades of gold
  • Coat: May be golden or cream-colored. It is smooth and wavy and the undercoat is weather-resistant.
  • Overview: Goldens are easy to train and strong, but their most outstanding trait is character. They are outgoing and devoted companions to all sorts of people, happy and trusting. They make great hunting companions, also.
  • Character: This breed is very self-confident, sensitive, intelligent, and adaptable. Barking is infrequent.
  • Temperament: This dog gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. It can be belligerent with unknown visitors.
  • Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required. Make sure the ears are kept clean.
  • Training: Obedience classes are recommended. They are very sensitive to harsh treatment, so excessive strictness is not recommended. Golden Retrievers remember what they learn for the rest of their lives.
  • Activity: Golden Retrievers have above-average needs for exercise, although they will adapt themselves to the exercise habits of your family.

Golden Doodles

Please click here to go to Amazon and check out the book Fenna The Wonder Doodle, a story about one of our Golden Doodles!
Here at Cheyenne Farm Kennel we have been breeding GoldenDoodles since 2004. In the beginning, we used our regular goldens with a poodle from another breeder. So those first few litters were on the larger side 55-85 lbs. In 2006 we purchased a poodle, Boomer, who was on the low end of the standard and therefore we now produce medium size dogs. Not only did we change the male dog, we started using our smaller, stockier Golden Retrievers so that kept the GoldenDoodles stocky instead of lanky like a poodle.
The F1 GoldenDoodles are great dogs and do shed a little, although it has been our experience they are most likely good with children who have allergies. We presently own 2 F1 GoldenDoodles, Summer belonging to my neice and Sassy belonging to one of my daughters. OUR PRESENT GOLDENDOODLES USUALLY WEIGH 40 TO 50 LBS. We also have raised a new poodle stud dog a little larger, but with our smaller F1 GoldenDoodles we are hoping to keep the weights in the 40 to 50 lb range. WE ARE PRESENTLY FOCUSING ON F1B GOLDENDOODLES although we do occasionaly have the F1.
THE F1B GOLDENDOODLES usually do not SHED AT ALL. They are excellent family dogs and are good with children and family's with allergies. We have lots of testimonials from families who are thrilled with the GoldenDoodle breed.

Mini Poodles

Cheyenne Farm has a new Mini Poodle litter avaiable for your Valentine! Here are a couple after their first bath, getting their nails trimmed by Barbara Ann.
Click the images below for full size pictures of these adorable puppies.


Puggles are a combination of a beagle and a pug; a new hybrid bree, usually weighing between 15-25 pounds.
Check out our testimonials page for customer reviews on a lot of Puggles.

English White Creams

Check out Thunder, one of our English White Creams studs.


One of our newer breeds here at Cheyenne Farm Kennel!

Mini Australian Shepards

Our Mini Aussies weighing 22-25 pounds are considerably smaller than others you'll see, typically 35-45 pounds.
Also check back in the Spring as we'll be expecting our first litter of Mini Aussie Doodles!

Standard Stud Poodles

Cheyenne Farm currently has 2 standard stud poodles: Boomer & Mac.

Mini Aussie Doodles

Cheyenne Farm's newest breed is here!
Mini AussieDoodles are a combination of a mini Australian Shepard and a mini poodle, these pups should be very low shedding and should be great with kids with allergies. They will grow to between 18 and 25lbs. They are a very loving breed, do need some exercise, and they love to be cuddled as well.

Each litter of pups is a surprise -- We never know the color until they're born!