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Testimonials (Archives)

April 6, 2014
Took these pictures of Maizy on Sunday afternoon

March 6, 2014
She's doing good, finally growing she's 6.5 now, parasite free! Lol she's a frisky one!

March 1, 2014
Hi Terry,

Here is a recent picture of Jake our Miniaussiedoodle with his new “puppyhawk” fresh from the groomer. Jake & my son Liam are the best of friends. He is a gentle, playful dog who is extremely good with children. He rarely makes a sound, I don’t think he has found his bark yet. My son has done well with his allergies with Jake. He is a wonderful addition to our family. We just can’t imagine life without him.

He currently is 20 lbs.

Thank you again for your recommendation of the Mini Aussiedoodle. We are extremely happy with him.

Kind Regards,

February 27, 2014

Had to forward this pic of Otis, he is the puppy we adopted back in July his mom is Star and dad is Doc. He is such a lovable dog we love him to pieces.


February 17, 2014
Hi Terry,

We just celebrated Callie’s 1st birthday and we couldn’t be any happier! I just wanted to thank you again for our precious pup, she has just been a great addition to our family.

The Cook Family

February 16, 2014

Just wanted to let you know all is well.
Once home yesterday I did as you said with Lola food. I thought she had eaten but after I noticed she only licked up the juices.
I tried again though and while preparing she ate a piece that dropped to the floor so I tried giving her the dry in the bowl. Then she was a real piggy. She's been doing great since.
Her and Sammy already love each other. Here's a picture I took this morning.

Thanks so so much.

February 13, 2014
Hi Terrie, I hope you are well.
I’ve attached a photo of our dog Scout that we got from you 3 years ago. He’s a great dog!!
I have a friend that might be interested in a golden doodle, do you have any puppies?

February 10, 2014
You have made us all very happy!!! xoxo

February 10, 2014
This is Angel, one of our 2013 pups.

February 10, 2014
Dear Terry, His love is everlasting! Some more to choose from!

February 10, 2014
Hello Terry!
Hope all is well at the kennel! We can't believe Heidi is already a year old! She is such a good girl. We have been feeding her the blue seal puppy formula you recommended since we brought her home and she has done so well with that. We wanted to see what you recommend for her now that she is a year old.....this is when we switch her to adult food right? Thank you for getting back to us when we have needed advice. She weighs 39 pounds.

January 12, 2014
Well it’s almost a year since I picked up GABBY and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well and enjoys her new home. She went from a small black puppy to a silver puppy after her first haircut as you can see in the pictures. She sleeps all day while I’m at work and then wants to play all the way until bedtime. I have spoiled her rotten, but like all my other poodles she is smart and affectionate (she will lick your face off) but shy at first with strangers. Everybody who has met her wants to steal her from me. I will probably be looking to get a male mini poodle to keep her company late this year (2014), please let me known when you expect the next litter.


January 8, 2014
Happy New Year Teresa,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of the pups enjoying the snow they are getting so big and there so beautiful.
Hope you enjoyed your holidays

October 30, 2013
Good Morning Teresa,

Thought you might enjoy these pics of the pups.Rhody's rash is better, the vet said he does not really know what causes it, but we are trying to keep up on the pine needles. They are beautiful dogs, and we love them, and they are very happy and spoiled.

October 28, 2013

I wanted to let you know our goldendoodle born 2-13-13 to boomer and summer is wonderful. She is doing great on the Hill's Science diet and is about 30lbs now. She is so sweet and smart. We adore her personality- so loving and gentle. We love the way she tries to fit in our laps and carries a toy with her everywhere she goes.
She is a joy,


October 20, 2013

I hope all is well with you. I have attached a new picture of Ollie. She is working on walking on a leash. Her curiosity keeps us from getting very far and this picture demonstrates that. She was just taking her time to smell the roses!


September 22, 2013

Miss Ollie is doing great. She has been amazing and not had one accident in the house. She cries and lets us know that she needs to go in the yard and she immediately goes when we put her down in the grass. She is enjoying the back yard, especially anything dirty such as leaves, dirt or sticks. She is eating well and taking her vitamins.
I have attached a picture of her inside one of Alex's ballet tutu's. Alex wanted a very girly picture of her.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of her and nurturing her! We truly love her and all of the affection that she gives us.

Sue Wolfe

July 8, 2013
Hi Terry,

I hope all is well! Just wanted to share a picture of Riley with you! We picked her up early July 2013 and we couldn't be happier. She really is a good girl and we love her! She adjusted well and is healthy and happy :)

Patty & Mat

June 14, 2013
Hello Terry,

Here is the a picture of Shadow..He is an amazing guy..


May 23, 2013
Hi Terry,

I just wanted to let yout know how much we love our puppy and how great we are doing. If you recall, we got the last male golden doodle. We named him Teddy and feel like he's been with us much longer than the three weeks that have flown by! He is very beautiful, smart and sweet. He is already sitting on command, mostly house trained and sleeping in his crate without a peep! He is a happy bundle of puppy energy much to my elderly cats dismay! We are so glad we found you and that things worked out the way they did.
Here are some pics:


May 15, 2013
Hi Terry,

Just a quick update for you. Our new puppy is doing great! She quickly warmed up to us and is getting used to her new home. We name her Ripley after Sigourney Weavers character in Aliens ;). She is very smart and loves to play. We took her to the vet Tuesday and she is healthy. She also started puppy obedience classes with us yesterday and she is already ahead of the group. Here are a few pictures.

Melissa and Angie

May 14, 2013
Here is a newer picture he is so beautiful

Lisa Renzoni

May 8, 2013
I saw the newscast, and I agree they only portrayed the bad, but that is what people usually do when they want a story. We were witness to the good when we met you. Your animals get to run and play and are loved, they are kept clean and warm, taken care of the way they should be.Most of all you love them and it shows and you love what you do! We love our two puppies and they are so good and that is because of you and how you raised them. Here are some pictures to show you how beautiful they are Thank you again


April 8, 2013
Good morning Teresa,
Just came back from the vet with Rhody and Riley he wieghs 11.5 pounds and she wieghs 8 pounds, both very healthy and happy thank you for such wonderful puppies you have made us very happy

Thanks, Maureen

April 4, 2013
Hi Terry,
Just a little note to tell you how much we love Cheyenne. She just turned 2 yrs old and we love her beyond words. She is the sweetest dog in the world. She does own the house and we wouldn't have it any other way. She loves snow, her blanket and green beans. However she is not fond of loud noises and thunder storms. We have enclosed a picture of her on her 2nd birthday. Thank you so much for keeping such a wonderful farm with the most beautiful goldens.

Charlie and Gayle Bibeault

January 15, 2013
Hi Terry,
I just wanted to share a picture of jake with you we got him from you last April he was born on march 3 he is a beautiful and a wonderful boy.

December 29, 2012
Hi Terry, we just love this little girl, she is going to be real spoiled, we brought her some more toys, bed, crate,pink collar & leash and the grass to train her on. She already did poop outside twice for me, and peed on the newspaper with no problem. She was just running around the place and chasing me, she is a bundle of joy for us. Oh, by the way, I named her Ashley, since she came from Ashaway area. Everyone loves her and she is getting alot of attention, hope she sleeps through the night in her crate, we'll see. lol It was nice doing business with you, and I want to say I was really impressed with how clean the kennels were, people don't mind doing business with people like you keeping everything clean and in order. Thanks again I will keep in touch with you and let you know how things go.

December 20, 2012
Dear Teresa,

I know it's been forever and a day, but here's a picture of Abby celebrating this year's holiday season. I remember picking her up in March of 2007 so vividly. She continues to be such a love and she makes us all laugh...multiple times each and every day.

I live at the intersection of a little neighborhood about a mile from the center of our town. Abby has become "the neighborhood dog", and all the school children know her by name. In fact, I think that in many cases she if the first dog many of these children have ever been allowed to pet.

Merry, merry Christmas and Peace to all. Gail & Abby

October 1, 2012
Hi Terry,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that Nutmeg is absolutely the best dog I have ever had! She is beautiful, as you'll see in the attached photo, but she also has the best disposition you could ever ask for in a canine companion: loyal, affectionate, playful, even-keeled, and never aggressive towards any human or animal. I got married in February, and Nutmeg "helps" my husband in the yard every weekend (someone has to keep those chipmunks and squirrels in their place). She is by his side every second until it's time to collapse and sleep in her bed, which she also very much enjoys.

Whatever you're doing to produce such super pups, keep it up!

Hope all is well with you,

September 24, 2012
Hi Terry!!

It's been a long time since we've been in touch, but we just wanted to give you an update on our Goldendoodle, Tessie. (She was from Nugget and Boomer's May 30th, 2010 litter.) You'll be very pleased to know that we recently had a baby and Tessie has been the best big sister we could've ever asked for. We were a little unsure of what to expect in the beginning, but from day one, she's been awesome. We have enclosed some pictures for you to see just what we mean..........thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to have such a great family pet!! We look forward to her and Khloe growing up being the best of friends!!

Kelly & Chris Sabbagh

June 19, 2012
This is this week on one of our 5 mile trots in the woods.

June 19, 2012
Dear Momma T,
I had to go to the doctor again today for more shots. One more time and then I'll be done for a while. Now I won’t get Lyme. The "nurse" said that I have a perfect posture, I forget the word she said. She said I am so beautiful and a PERFECT Golden. I wonder if that means I can get more treats! I am walking pretty good now and I bark when I have to go OUT. (you know what that means). I weigh 23.6 pounds. Everybody says I am really mellow and I think that’s something good to be. Mommy laughs because when I am eating my meals, she'll say, "take a break" and all by myself I back up and sit for a couple of minutes. I'm trying really, really hard to not jump up on people when they come over. I’m doing good too. I have met lots of other dogs that live in our neighborhood. I ran around Brita's yard and we had fun. I like the other dogs and they like me. That’s all for now. I have to take Benedryl when I have shots because one time I got sick. I’m really tired now.
Love, your little girl, Mandy Hessler

June 4, 2012
Hi Terry,

I hope you and your family are doing well and that business is good. Today is Lulu's first birthday so I wanted to send you a picture of her and tell you how much we love her. She's such a sweet, sweet girl. She's so friendly and adorable. Everywhere we go, even now that she's big, people tell us how gorgeous she is. She's very easy to train too. And she's great with kids which is good because we're expecting a baby this fall! Anyway, we wanted to thank you again for bringing her to us. We just love her so much and she's brought us so much joy.

Hope all is well,

May 24, 2012
Remember Rhody?! We purchased him from you in late August and today is his first birthday! Here are some pics! The one attached is from December and what he normally looks like, and the one below is his summer cut which makes him look SO different and still like a pup ! Two months ago at 10 months he weighed 51 lbs so he probably is about 55 lbs now. He is healthy and happy and a wonderful dog!! We get so many compliments when we take him to the park!
Hope all is well!!
Natalie O'Donnell

Hi Teri, These pictures were taken 01/01/2012 at the beach. We able to let scout off leash. He ran and ran. The beach is 3/4 of a mile long with marsh on one side and ocean on the other.  This puggle does not get tired and will freely go into the water. The entire walk took 2 hours and Scout was just as content at the end as when he started. The dog is a delight. Greg and Anne.
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 10:01 PM


Dear litter mates, life is great, I have my own yard, my own bed(they think it's their couch), heck, my humans even let me drive the car, and all I gotta do is sleep and look pretty!!! Say hi and thanks to Terri for me. Lots of Huggs and smooches, Molly c/o Keith and Linda

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Subject: Thank you!

We acquired Mingus from your kennel in mid-July 2011.
He has been the best dog! He had a great temperament and
everyone in the neighborhood loves him! Thank you!
Lori Labedz
Proud Doodle Mama


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Terri, We pick up our Puggle from you last April. Since Scout is a long and lean dog that can run like the wind. He has more beagle than pug. Scout is up to 16 lbs. He enjoys taking trips to the beach and loves to run in the water. He swims but he is so muscular that he can just keep his head above water. He likes larger dogs and is not afraid to mix it up with them. As far as people goes, all he needs is one sniff and then he is ok and friendly. Attached are a few pictures taken yesterday. He has those long legs and does not quit.
Greg Mattus
West Hartford, Ct.




Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 12:29 PM

Hi Terry, It’s nice to hear from you! I will definitely let people know if they are looking for a Puggle to get in touch with you. Lola is great! She will be 4 Aug 13th. It is hard to believe we have had her that long. She is such a great dog! Here are a few recent pictures of her. As you can see she has a new best friend (we got a kitten right before Christmas). Hope all is well with you. Take care.

Sue Antonitis

Hi Theresa,
I just wanted to follow up with you on the adorable bundle of energy we adopted from you. and to say thanks....
His name is Jake (named after our family initials (Justin, Kelly and Evette)...he is now 5 months old and the love of my life...and the whole neighborhood too. He is healthy, happy and a laugh a minute. People comment all the time how handsome he is...that he must have come from a good line of handsome goldens ;-)
He has had all his shots to date and is about 40 lbs now..and gradually growing into his huge paws! he is going to be a big boy!!
He is an absolute prize...I hope all his siblings got adopted too...if not...let me know...
Thanks again...hope you enjoy the pix.



Hi Teresa,
Just wanted to send you a picture of "Fergie", the Golden we had from you August 2010, puppy of "Lucky" and " Ellie Jean". She is one year old tomorrow and I wanted you to see what a beautiful girl she has grown up to be.

We all so love her,  she has the most wonderful nature. loves people, children and is a real sweetheart. We live just a mile from the coast here in Branford Ct. and Fergie is sure a water baby, she loves her daily walks to the beach and makes friends with everyone. She has brought so much joy into our lives and just wanted to say thank you for that. I hope all Fergie's brothers and sisters have also found loving homes as she has.

Best regards,
Josephine  & Ivor Hay.


Mon, June 6, 2011
Hi Terry,
This is Remy's first day at the beach.  He had a great time!  He has been an absolute joy...he loves people and is a real flirt when we take him for walks.  I'll send more photos.  Thank you, Anahid Avedesian.

Date: Monday, May 23, 2011, 7:12 PM

I just wanted to say thank-you!  Last September our family found you when we were looking for a golden retriever.  Cooper (he had another name then that I can’t remember now) had already been home with one family and it hadn’t been the best match so he had come back to you.   He was the oldest and the biggest puppy you had and he had a slightly stubby tail.  He was also the one that caught my son’s attention and so he was the puppy that came home with us that day.  Today is Cooper’s first birthday and I just wanted you to know that he is the most amazing dog!   He has an unbelievably mild temperament; he is friendly with other animals and completely submissive to humans – thank goodness!  He rarely barks.  I may have heard him bark three times, ever, and it was important!  Of course, he IS a puppy, so we are still working on th ejumping and he does love to chew, but we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect friend for our family.
Thank-you from the Vandal family,

Chris, Sheila, Chase, Slate & Cooper

Mon, May 30, 2011


Hi Teresa,

We've enclosed pictures of our new puppy:  Sedona Thrift.  I have a few questions.  She is doing really great.  Do you have any suggestions for the tear stains on her face. ?  Are they permanent or do they fade over time?  We've been just gently swabbing her eyes with a cotton ball from the inside out. 
She's a real bundle of love, adjusting great to her new home and we think she's a keeper.
Enjoy the pictures.'
Christine and Colin

Hi Terri,
Here is a few pictures of Simba he is doing well, and went to the vet and is healthy and happy. Thank you so much, I will send more pictures as he gets older.
Tracy Gauvin

Hi Terry!

It's been a while since the last time we saw you.  I just wanted to give you an update on our Puggle Sophia Marie.  She is the love of my life!  She is such a wonderful and smart dog.  She loves to go down slides and run through tunnels in our back yard.  Recently, she brought me her leash and dropped it at my feet to let me know that she wanted to go for a walk!  She is a very gentle, and energetic dog that still loves to cuddle up with her Mama.  I recommend Puggles to any one that has a family with small children and/or other pets, as Sophia has such a good temperament.  It is obvious that she came from a good home that gave her the love and attention that she needed.  Every one I run in to with Sophia compliments  her and asks where I got her from, and I always proudly let them know that she came from Cheyenne Farm Kennel.
Thanks for everything!
-Jessica Murray
North Kingstown, RI

Hello Terry,

    We just wanted to give you an update on our little angel, Tessie.  She has been such a great addition to our family.....we love her to pieces!!!  We have had her in a crate since day one (which, of course, was the toughest) and she's doing really well with it.  She wasn't so sure of it in the beginning, but now she thinks of it as her "den".  Occasionally we will be pleasantly surprised to see her in there just relaxing. 
    In her first week home, she learned "come" and "sit" almost immediately.  She also just started taking puppy classes at Petsmart, which is awesome!!!  She's defintiely one of the smartest pups there.  She seems to pick things up right away.  Our newest tricks are "leave it", "take it", and "down".......all which are going pretty good, other than her big, ferocious bark that seems to come out with almost every "down" command.  She does have quite an attitude at times, this little Tessie girl!!!
    We have been socializing Tessie since we got her, and she plays very nicely with all the dogs we've met so far.  Her best friends are Fozzy Bear, the Bichonpoo, and Tank, the Pit Bull.  She plays with Fozzy daily, and Tank weekly.  They are all so much fun together!!!  We also just went on a walk for the RISPCA at Goddard Park which was a nice socialization opportunity.  Everyone is in love with her.......she is so fluffy and cute!!!
    Car rides have not been her favorite thing because she has gotten sick with almost every one, including 5 minutes into our ride from your house, to home.  We just tried a new trick, lavendar oil on a bandana, and this weekend was her first with no throwing up......thank God!!!  Hopefully she is past that stage and can start enjoying going places a little more.
    Overall, Tessie is such a wonderful dog!!!  Our vet is very impressed with her, also.....she is happy, and healthy, and has such a great demeanor.  Thank you so much for breeding such sweet Goldendoodles.  We feel so blessed to have gotten Tessie from such a kind, caring breeder, who really takes the time to raise these pups from day one.  We will send updates periodically, and be in contact anytime we need a place to board.  We look forward to someday visiting the farm again.  Please enjoy these pictures for now......talk to you soon!!!

Kelly and Chris Sabbagh......and Tessie

Hello again,
Emmie, her official name now, is doing fine. She has been accepted by the other dogs, even takes naps with the 14 year old German Shepherd. She is getting bigger, as most puppies do and gets into everthing, like most puppies do. Emmie has learned that the best thing in life is a belly rub and we have learned that it's the best way to calm her down. She is learning fast, almost house broken. She sleeps with my son on his bed at night and he keeps her covered up when she seems cold, not too spoiled, is she? We couldn't be any happier with her, everyone loves and spoils her. We got a great dog and she found a great home.

Wayne S.

We brought Tater tot home in December.  He has been an energetic, loving addition to our family. He loves to go to the dog parks and travels with us on our vacations.  Attached are photos of him at the beach and getting ready for a bike ride.  We love him very much and everyone that meets him thinks he is the cutest thing with his big floppy ears and big boy howl. 

Thank you for bringing him into our lives!

Cassandra and Katharine

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi Terry,
I just wanted to tell you that Maggie and I (not to mention my significant other and both our families!) could not be happier with Nutmeg!  She is a wonderful dog in every way.  She loves people, is smart and affectionate, gets along well with ALL other dogs (big and small), and even plays well with my boyfriend's cat.  She is also an absolutely beautiful beagle; people coo over her everywhere we go. 
She has just started going to doggie playcare for exercise and when I am away for work, and the owner of the place said she has more confidence with other dogs (but never aggression...just play) than any puppy he has ever seen.  They love her there, and they made one of the attached photos (the one where she is running with her ears flying) into their computer desktop background.
I found her on your website when she was only a few weeks old, and the testimonials there had an impact on me, so please feel free to add my comments.  If anyone ever wants a reference, I would be happy to talk on the phone about how happy we are with Nutmeg.
I am attaching some photos for you so you can see how she's grown.
Hope your holidays were great!
All the best,




Hi Teresa,
The Mom and Dad were Sugar and Rainbow and our dog dog is Finnegan. Finnegan is doing quite well and is super excited because we now have a little baby boy (7mths old)  for him to play with. Well, Jack (our son) is not quite old enough yet to play with him, but the two of them are going to have a great time growing up together. Attached is a fairly recent photo of two of them.
Hope all is well,

Hi Terry,
   This is Alexa, Chase's owner. Today is his 3rd birthday so I thought I'd send you some pictures of him. Chase is an awesome dog and I could never ask for anything more. Thanks so much!

Happy Holidays.......I wanted to share what Oliver looks like now. He weighs 65 pounds and is different than any other Goldendoodle we have seen. His Hair is long and wavy he is very independent and a true joy to have around.

Thank you for raising such a well mannered wonderful family member.

Daniel Hatton [VP Business Development]


I wanted to check in and let you know how Bailey was doing…Here are some pictures of her with her new big brother Titan. They get along pretty good. Bailey constantly bites Titan in the ears and face and does those puppy things and Titan tolerates it for a while but I am sure she will slow down as she gets a little older. She is doing much better at going to the bathroom outside. Only has an accident once or twice a week when we are not paying attention. She is really a good dog. Hopefully the other 2 puppies found homes by now. Well we will check in again and let you know how she is doing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Hi Terry,  I bought Lola from you in Februrary 2009(she was your last puggle pup available). She is a great addition to our family.  She is very fun, cuddely and loving!!  She is great with our 3 year old son. We all love her!!  She goes to training classes and loves it--she is doing pretty good!!  I've enclosed some pics of her!
Kelly Dion

Hi Terry,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding Mojo...
 What a great boy he is!  We just adore him!  He growing sooo fast... everyone that sees him says the same thing... "he's going to be be a BIG boy!".  Which is hilarious because he also believes he is a lap dog.  Ought to be interesting when he's the size of a small pony!
He's been going to puppy classes every Saturday and there are two other Goldens (both females) there... I am sure that I am biased but he is the most beautiful of the bunch!  He is learning the "Off" command very well.  Sits on command... comes when called... and has been sleeping thru the night for about two weeks. yay!  Still mouthing everything in sight.. but is getting much better about mouthing humans! :)
Housetraining was a piece of cake!  He never had an accident in his crate... not once!  We tied a bell on the door and he's starting to learn to ring it when he needs to go out.  Such a smart boy!
He loves going "bye bye" (is usually at the door as soon as he hears my keys!) and taking walks... we usually loop the neighborhood at least once in the morning and then a nice long walk on the beach in the evening. 
I've attached a photo of Mojo from a day or two ago at the beach.  Look... he's smiling!
Thanks so much for everything!  We couldn't be happier with our little boy!


Hi Terry,
Here are some recent pictures of Finley.  He’s a great dog, and he’ll be 2 next month! Thanks again,

Amy McMaster

Hi Terry,

It has been a little over a year now since we brought our little Pomeranian Gizmo home!  He has made our household so happy!!  We look forward to coming home to his happy little face every day!  He is definitely a big part of the family!!  He goes everywhere with us, parties, car rides, canoe trips and camping!  He loves it!! He is the happiest when he is cuddled up with my husband and I or when we get the leash out he gets so excited because he knows he is going somewhere with us!!  He is perfect for our little home and for us!!   Thank you again!!!


P.S.  Neil and I are going to be down in that area weekend of the 25th, camping!  We would love to bring Gizmo by to see his parents and you. 
 Please let me know if you will be around.
Take care,
Janet Thompson


Hi Terri,

Theses are pictures of Haley's Comet on her first birthday. She is a parti pom and was born on June 18, 2008. She is a very smart little girl. She is 10 pounds and very healthy. (Not fat) and full of energy. Kathryn Nadeau


Hi there Terry, 

(Click here)

How are you? It's hard to believe Maggie has owned us for a whole year. Never thought I'd survive puppy-hood & now I miss those days! They go by fast.

Everyday we love Maggie more, if that's possible. She is amazingly smart and such a tomboy. And she absolutely loves the water. We go to the beach every day now. She runs into the water, dives into the waves and is always on the look out for sticks for us to throw.

I put together a few pics that I love.  She looks just like Beaches.

All for now, Jill

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Morning Terry,
Hey Great to hear from you!! Oliver is doing well he has quite the personality. I love him to death. I did keep the name Oliver, Ollie for short. He did not like the ride home, he got motion sickness and was ill until we arrived at my house. As most puppies do he perked up about thirty minutes later and appears to be acclimating well. He has learned sign for “sit”- comes to me about 60% of the time, barks at himself in the stove and has learned to go up and down the stairs. He likes to nip at my hands and heels more than I am used to and I am trying to figure out ways to make him understand that “we humans” do not interact that way. He lopes around like you described he would based on his father- (deer like). We had no accidents until yesterday and then the damn broke so to speak. It is never a bowel movement always urine. I have tried to limit his water to meal times, keeping his “out times consistent and I am keep the toilet closed as he knows this is a source. He loves loves loves the water…did I tell you he loves the water?? Quite the character.

I was remiss in ordering his vitamins but I will do so today as I know you swear by them. Terry thank you for the great care you took of him early in his life and you will be boarding him the first weekend in May as I will be in Austin TX so you will get to see him then; if that is ok with you.

Thank you for checking in your inquires make me even more convinced I chose a “winner” when I purchased Ollie from you. The Farm is well kept, you are a trouper and deserve the success you glean.

Warmest of Regards,


Hi Terry, I have not gotten back to you for a while. We adopted the little female parti pom in August. Her name is Haley's Comet. She is a beautiful little girl, now 7 months old. I have enclosed a picture of her. It was this years Christmas card. We called it the University of Notre Dame's latest recruit. I think you can see from the picture she has quite a personality. We love her. Thanks, Kathryn Nadeau

Dear Teresa,

I'm sorry it has taken us so long to send you pictures, my wife and I have just been so busy with the nice weather playing with the kids and the dogs before the winter sets in.  I've enclosed a picture of Tyson and Ali that are just about 5 months old now.  We got them in August and they have been the best addition to our family, since our two boys.  These dogs have the greatest disposition and are phenomenal with the kids!  Thank you so much!

Tyson and Ali

Hi Terri,

It is almost been a year since we got our little Riley. He has grown to be a wonderful dog.

Here are some pictures of him. As you can see, he is quite spoiled here with us. He has been going to classes at Connecticut K9 and is doing excellent.

Do you have any room for Riley the week of July 5th thru July 12th? We are going to be at Misquamicut for the week and I was wondering if you has any room to watch him for the week.

Thank you,

Mark Pavao

Riley Riley

We are writing as proud parents of one of Terry's Goldies.
Just a little history: Bill & I live only 10 minutes away from her kennel but had not heard of her operation until we began searching the web this winter for a new pup.  
We saw that she boarded dogs as well so our old Lab spent 2 weeks with her in March.  We had always had family & friends care for him while on vacations, but as he aged, it became too much of an imposition.  You can read about that great experience on her website.  We were so impressed with Terry's care and clean facility that we then decided to get our pup from her.
We brought Maggie home Memorial Day weekend at 7 weeks, & she has become a wonderful addition to our family.  I would bore you with all the adjectives I could use to describe her, so I'll try to be brief!  Maggie is very lovable without being clingy or needy.  She is friendly towards other dogs & people, and loves children.  She is smart & observant, & she learns quickly.  We just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten & start Basic Manners in 2 weeks (all positively based training).  Is she being a puppy & getting  into trouble?  Oh yeah!  But we're also simply amazed at how fast she's learning to be civilized!  She sits & waits at the door until we say it's ok to go out.  She hasn't had an accident in weeks. She comes, sits, & is learning down.  She loves to fetch & most always drops it when asked. 
She enjoys the beach so we go a couple of times most every weekend.  She's just starting to go in water over her head.
Another part of her personality we admire is her confidence.  Nothing scares her.  A loud truck passing by, fireworks, lightening, you name it.  She'll stop & look, quietly check it out, then get back to what she was doing.  In puppy kindergarten they have about 10 minutes of socializing where the pups have free play together.  On the first day, lots of pups just sat or crawled under their owner's chairs.  Not Maggie, she was out exploring & meeting everyone with her head up & tail wagging. 
See, I told you I would bore you!
Anyway, we are glad we found Terry.  We could tell right away that this more than a business for her.  She loves her dogs & wants her customers to be happy.  Living close by, we were able to pick out Maggie when she was 2 weeks old.  We would visit, of course at a distance until it was safe, every weekend.  Terry saw this as important & would be patient when we wanted to visit twice on a weekend!
So Bob, feel free to email us for more info.  I'm looking at Maggie nestled up next to Bill on the floor.  I know it's a big decision to try & find just the right dog.  They become such an important part of our lives.  Hopefully, these pics come out. 

More pics of Maggie



Dear Terry,

thank you so much for taking such good care of Lobo while we were away last summer for over a month. We missed him a lot, but we were happy to know that he was in your caring hands, and in the company of his good friends Honey, Sugar and the other dogs, playing and having a good time, as in the past summers and Christmas vacations! Even though we have to drive 100 miles each way from Lexington, Mass., all the way to Rhode Island, we know it is worthy because of the wonderful care you give him, and every time we get him back, he looks happy and in a very good shape and relaxed. And we are so grateful to you for having picked him for us when he was a little adorable fuzzy puppy three years ago.
He is such a lovely and beautiful golden retriever, with a sweet and
playful personality, and our nine-year old son Edoardo absolutely
adores him - and so do we and does everybody who meets our dear Lobo.
You can be very proud that such a great dog comes from your kennel farm!

Many thanks again and all the best,

Deborah, Enrico & Edoardo

hello terry ~ it has been such a long time.  I hope you are well and enjoying summer and all the craziness that you had planned ~ weddings and puppies and building ~ you always have your plate full.
well barnabus and eloise are two years old today and I couldn't let their birthday pass without sending you all our love with tons of hugs and kisses. 
The pups (I will always call them that) are so wonderful and make me laugh and smile every day.  They have even become very well-behaved if you can believe that one.  They do still enjoy a good nap on a chair or sneaking up on the couch but hell, I like that too.
Barnabus still loves to suck the edge of his bed/blanket/quilt and when he gets really excited, he drags it all around the living room.  Joe and I sing that it is 'Bussie on Parade' and he gets all wiggly and so proud.  He is the sweetest dog you can imagine.
Eloise is also as sweet and soft spirited but she is a little devil and is smart enough to try to conceal her naughtiness.  She does something wrong and when I catch her, she turns her back and ignores me in hopes of me going away.  How do I get mad?  There is a real lack of discipline but thankfully they are very well behaved and are even better when there are carrots or blueberries around
I hope some day soon our paths can cross as we all miss seeing you but I also want you to meet these fabulous, sweet and kind creatures ~ they are our absolute joys ~ I cannot tell you enough. 
I hope all is well and you are happy and healthy. 
Take care and talk soon,

Dear Terry,
Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Dakota.  She is already 15 lbs and doing wonderful.  The vet said she sure is one beautiful dog and has commended you as a breeder.  She didn't even know of you, but now she does.  She is so lovable and smart.  For a first dog experience, she is tremendous.   She certainly had no problem transitioning to her new home.  I can't even remember what life was like before her!   You can definitely tell she came from a loving home!  Thanks for taking such good care of her.  When we have travel plans in the future we plan on having her board with you if there is availability, so I am sure you will see her again!  Thanks again.
Bonnie Sawyer


Hi Terry,

Thank you for taking such good care of Coal.  We could see that you kept a clean kennel when we visited but didn't realize just how clean until Coal came home.  When he stayed at other kennels, he'd come home with a strong doggy smell.  Not this time...he was with you for 2 weeks and no odor! 
You were concerned that Coal wouldn't go out the first
couple of days & had accidents.  I just want you to know that now that he's home, he's been spending a lot of time outdoors with no accidents.  And we can see the result of 2 weeks of no doggie bones.  Coal's now cutting back on his calorie intake & getting carrots for snacks in order to keep his trim figure.  This should help with his arthritis.
I thought you'd like to hear that Dr. Turco spoke highly of you & your breeding practices. We can't wait to pick out our new puppy.  I know we can't see them, but we'd love an email
just to know they've arrived.  We're like expectant parents!
Thanks again,
Jill & Bill

Hi Theresa,

Here are some pictures of Casey's first birthday party. Riley and Bosco came for cake!!!. I can't tell you how happy we
are with Casey. It has been a wonderful 11 months with him He is such a sweetie. You should be very proud of Beaches and Lucky ..they produced a great litter. Not only is Casey handsome but also so smart and full of fun. He loves other dogs and he loves people. He has become a wonderful addition to our family. we love him so much. I can't wait to meet Tess, the Iannoti's puppy. I will certainly send anyone who wants a great dog to you, not only for your retrievers but I'm sure all your puppies are great dogs because of you and your love for your dogs. When we camp this summer at highland orchards I hope to bring my handsome lad to see you. Take care . Good luck with your up-coming litters. talk
to you soon.


Hi Terry,

Hope all is well with you. I have been meaning to write & send some
pictures, but our camera was giving us some problems so we ended up getting a new one. I just wanted to tell you that Lola is doing great. She is such a good puppy. She is not totally housebroken, but is working on it & is almost there. She slept through the night the 2nd night I got her & has never had an accident in her crate. We all love her so much! Even my oldest son who just met her as he just came home from college for the week is already attached to her. My daughters were so surprised when I brought her home. They love to play with her. I was a little nervous about how our other dog would react to her, but he just loves her. They play together all the time & he is actually very protective of her. I have to tell you this is the first time we have ever even paid for a dog, but she is worth every penny. If you ever need a reference as far as the puggles go, just let me know.

 Well, I hope you like the pictures & thanks again for everything.


Lola with family & Friends

Hi Terry.

It's been a long time since I wrote. I'm the lady with the two
Chinese girls who came last March and picked up "Abby". I just wanted you to know, that amongst the many things this holiday for which I am thankful, you and Abby are at the top of the list. I promise to send pictures soon. She's probably between 55 and 60 lbs. Has slightly wavy oatmeal colored hair and is very, very loving. She is, without a doubt, my best friend. We did an obedience course which just ended and I have much work ahead. Admittedly, Abby is easily distracted, but that will sort itself out with age and exposure to lots of different experiences. She started out very frightened of the car, but now races to beat me to the garage door to go wherever my adventures lead.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know we were thinking about you and appreciate what you do. You are raising some lovely, healthy animals who are making great companions to us all.

Best wishes during the holidays (and I promise I'll bet the girls to do the technology thing and send you photos...she's gorgeous!).


Gail (Ratte')

P.S. How's Mercy??? Remember, she was my inspiration!

Hi Theresa,

Hope all is well with you and all the puppies. They are all so sweet. I can't tell you how lucky we feel the day we met you and your golden puppies. When Jack saw casey it was all over. He loves this dog so much. We have had many(4) dogs over fourty uears , but never one like casey. He is such a beautiful dog. Everyone that meet him loves him. We have a mom at Emily's scholl that is looking for a golden puppy and there are three mom's with golden retrievers. When the girl asked about their breeders they all told her to contact me because their goldens were a little crazy and casey is not. I gave here your website to contact you. I hope she did. We love casey and again thatnk you for everything and....... for taking such good care of him while we were in florida. If you ever have a person who is onterested in your puppies and want s to talk to someone who has had one of your puppies please give them to me.We love him so m uch. He has made our lives so much fun in the past 7 months that we've had him. I will send you a picture of him at Christmas. with the tree and presents. Keep in touch. I know you are very busy.




Dear Terry,
I just wanted take a few minutes to update you on our Golden, Molly and how happy we are with her.   It has been a year since we came to Cheyenne Farm Kennel and picked her out.  Molly celebrated her first birthday on August 18th. Her disposition is wonderful.  She is kind and loves to snuggle with us and our other Golden, Bailey.  Molly and Bailey get along wonderfully. Molly is incredibly smart, learns commands easily and loves to watch baseball on TV. Molly is wonderful with children.  She is on the smaller side of the breed spec, about 55 pounds and very well put together, with large, sturdy paws and no hip issues.  I often get comments on how well put together she is.  She looks like Beaches and has a beautiful coat and teeth.  Like her mom, Beaches, she loves the outdoors and playing in water.  
When we were looking for a second Golden to add to our home, we went to many different breeders and were so disappointed with them.  The moment we saw Cheyenne Farm Kennel, we knew that we would find our dog here.   I have never seen such a clean facility or met a breeder that cared more about her dogs.  When I look at Molly, I am grateful to you for what you do.  We all love her very much.
Kindest regards to you, Holly, Beaches, Lucky and everyone else at Cheyenne Farm Kennel,
Anna Rothenberg

Good morning Terry ~


Joe and I want to thank you for all you did to make our experience with Cheyenne Farm Kennels such a positive one.  We knew very early on that we made the right decision to go with you and your facility.  We have always been confident with you as our first choice in breeders.  Your professionalism and kindness will make it easy for us to recommend you to others for years to come.
You were so kind to allow us to be a part of our puppies' life from the moment they were born.  It was such a thrill for us to have the chance to watch the puppies grow and develop from Day 1. 
From the start, you were very thorough in explaining such things as feeding and shots, vet information and even potty training tips to us.  When we brought the pups home and had questions, you were always on call to help, not matter how random the questions might have been.  As first time puppies owners, we always felt we were in good hands with you only a phone call away.
After spending so much time at your facility, it is very reassuring to know that we can board our dogs with you as well.  The kennels are clean and fresh and I know our dogs would be taken care of as if they were your own.  You run a first rate operation (and I look forward to their next grooming session from Holly). 
Kudos to you and Cheyenne Farm Kennels for providing such a wonderful experience as well as providing us with two of the kindest dogs we could have wished for. 
Thank you again,
Chelsea and Joe Parrilla 
Good morning,you may absolutely give any one looking for puppies
(for that matter anyone looking for a kennel to board at.) our email address. Since this is our third golden retriever we are very much aware of how well  our puppy was cared for and how well everything was done regarding our purchase. Meadow is doing very well.
We love her so much. She is such a very smart dog.
Hope to see you soon, K.C. needs to be groomed and Meadow needs her nails clipped.
Talk to you soon.
Mary Walsh


I have had three golden retrievers before the one I got from Cheyenne Farm Kennel. This one by far has the best disposition of them all. We are amazed how calm and intelligent this dog is at only six months old. I am also happy to drive 25 miles each way to board her when we go on vacation because the kennels are amazingly clean and because I know my dog is being treated with tender loving care. The groomer at Cheyenne does a superb job and we make sure we have her groomed each time we board her. I would recommend Cheyenne Farms to anyone looking for a top notch golden retriever puppy, groomer or boarding facility.
Tom Mongeau
Coventry, R.I.

We would like to thank you again for making our new puppy experience such a great one.  I was impressed with your kindness right from the start and loved how you kept us up to date with e:mails and pictures from the very beginning.  Picking out our boy and visiting with him before he came home was such a wonderful experience for us both.  Being on a waiting list can be hard, but we have learned the hard way that it is well worth the wait.  Our first Golden was bought from a backyard breeder from an ad in the paper and the poor thing was plagued with health problems right from puppyhood and all through his life.  After much research, I know we made the right decision when we chose Cheyenne Farm Kennel for our new Golden.  Our Barley is healthy, sweet, loving and so intelligent! 

We are so impressed with your awesome kennel (and you!) and are relieved to know that we have finally found a facility that we trust to board our baby when we travel. 
Please feel free to give our e:mail address nieceandal@verizon.net to anyone who would like references.  We will gladly sing your praises!
Denise and Allen Mann
Wakefield, RI
Thank you for getting in touch. Fafnir is almost 1 year old now and doing great. My wife and I love this dog. She is one of the most good natured dogs I have ever known. She has been a real joy and a wonderful addition to our family.


Fafnir gets along well with other dogs and people. She is extremely outgoing and loves everyone including young children. I give you a lot of the credit for her great personality. I think that your approach to raising young dogs produces pups that are well-adjusted and confident. Fafnir integrated very easily into our family and gets along well with our daughter's Pomeranian (a five year old female). Fafnir adores her "big sister" and looks forward to the times when they can get together.
Fafnir is a very smart dog and tolerates being left alone for short (several hours) periods. It has only taken her a few months to take over the house. I have attached a photo so you can see how she turned out. She has one of the most luxurious coats I have ever seen.
Again thank you for the work you did in raising Fafnir in her early days, it has made a big, positive difference. If we are ever in the market for another Pomeranian we will be in touch.