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Testimonials (2014)

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Novemeber 26, 2014
Puppy Dixie in her first real snowfall

Excited, running in circles, slipping, sliding, scampering.
Snow flying in her bursts of great speed.

Smelling where the chipmunks were

Nose down into the snow

November 21, 2014
Hi Terry,

I just wanted to send you an update and pics of our F1B Goldendoodle that we bought from you on 9/23/2014. He was the biggest male left in the group out of the 3 remaining doodles. We named him Charlie. My Husband Matthew Moriarty & I absolutely love Charlie. He is a great addition to our family and brings us such joy and happiness. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that he is doing great and gets lots of love and treats. I tell everyone that asks about him that I got him at Cheyenne Farm Kennel :). Thanks again for breeding such an awesome dog!

Take care
Dana Moriarty

November 4, 2014
Hi Terry,

Just wanted to give you an update about our female puggle Daisy. She has her first vet appointment on November 12th. She is such a sweet puppy and I think she is adjusting to our home very nicely. She has her own car seat and she comes with me in the morning to drop our girls off at school :) Thank you again!

Jason & Sarah Tavares

October 18, 2014
Hi Terry,

Thought you'd like to see this picture of Gracie at 3 months and Shamus at 23 months. They have so much fun together, and are never very far apart!

Bobbie Giuliano

October 17, 2014
We named him Hudson

September 9, 2014
Hi Terri, sending you an updated photo of Cheyenne. She is doing great and so lovable. We love her more everyday. Hope you are well. My friend Renee just adopted a goldendoodle from you and she is so happy. Big hugs to all

Gayle Bibeault

September 4, 2014
Just checking in to let you know how much we enjoy Kona who was from your January 2014 litter. She has such a great personality and loves to play with her big brother Colby . Kona loves the water and jumps in head first with no fear at all. Another favorite of hers is hiking. She is such a joy and awesome addition to our family.
The Paquin family

July 23, 2014
Molly so far is an amazing puppy. She goes potty outside whenever we take her out and has had very few accidents. She is very friendly and cuddly and plays well with both dogs and people. She has mastered come and sit. We are working on down, off, and no biting, but she catches on fast. I'll send pictures soon!

August 5, 2014
Hi Teresa-
Dixen and Fenna are doing great. Our Dixen is the best dog we have ever owned. Besides unfortunately being treated off and on for Lyme since the age of one the only other health issue is that last year he had a stage 2 sarcoma on his elbow. We removed the tumor and knock on wood has been healthy since. My mom's dog Fenna is also a wonderful dog. Healthwise she also has Lyme plus as she gets older has developed allergies in the spring. Mom actually brought her to be a therapy dog, a role which she successfully mastered since she was two. We even wrote a children's book about her, Fenna the Wonder Doodle which is sold on Amazon.com. Overall Teresa I would say both dogs rate a 5 out 5 stars.
Thank you for the follow up. I will be sure to pass on the information that you have two litters available.

Deb Lennon

August 3, 2014
Hi! Thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Gus. We picked him up from you on Valentine's Day. He has a great personality and is very sweet and playful. We feel lucky to have him!
Mary D and family.

July 23, 2014
Teresa, hello its been awhile, just thought you might enjoy some pictures of the dogs. They are just beautiful, and what personalities they have, they love the kids and they love the water and are enjoying there summer as we are, they bring a smile to our hearts everyday. Thank you Maureen.

June 15, 2014
We thought that you might like to see how Zoe has grown. She is five months old now and is 9 1/2 lbs. and the vet says that she is great. She is a good dog, loves people and loves to get her belly rubbed. Still have some accidents but is much better. We have attached a few pictures for you to see how she has grown.
Jim and Lucia Tracy

June 12, 2014
Just sending a few pics of Charlie. He is doing great.
Thanks again & hope all is well.

Best, John

June 11, 2014
Hi Terry, how are you? Blue is still growing every day and we have been having tons of fun hiking Rome Point, here is a picture of us. Have a great day!


April 6, 2014
Took these pictures of Maizy on Sunday afternoon

March 6, 2014
She's doing good, finally growing she's 6.5 now, parasite free! Lol she's a frisky one!

March 1, 2014
Hi Terry,

Here is a recent picture of Jake our Miniaussiedoodle with his new “puppyhawk” fresh from the groomer. Jake & my son Liam are the best of friends. He is a gentle, playful dog who is extremely good with children. He rarely makes a sound, I don’t think he has found his bark yet. My son has done well with his allergies with Jake. He is a wonderful addition to our family. We just can’t imagine life without him.

He currently is 20 lbs.

Thank you again for your recommendation of the Mini Aussiedoodle. We are extremely happy with him.

Kind Regards,

February 27, 2014

Had to forward this pic of Otis, he is the puppy we adopted back in July his mom is Star and dad is Doc. He is such a lovable dog we love him to pieces.


February 17, 2014
Hi Terry,

We just celebrated Callie’s 1st birthday and we couldn’t be any happier! I just wanted to thank you again for our precious pup, she has just been a great addition to our family.

The Cook Family

February 16, 2014

Just wanted to let you know all is well.
Once home yesterday I did as you said with Lola food. I thought she had eaten but after I noticed she only licked up the juices.
I tried again though and while preparing she ate a piece that dropped to the floor so I tried giving her the dry in the bowl. Then she was a real piggy. She's been doing great since.
Her and Sammy already love each other. Here's a picture I took this morning.

Thanks so so much.

February 13, 2014
Hi Terrie, I hope you are well.
I’ve attached a photo of our dog Scout that we got from you 3 years ago. He’s a great dog!!
I have a friend that might be interested in a golden doodle, do you have any puppies?

February 10, 2014
You have made us all very happy!!! xoxo

February 10, 2014
This is Angel, one of our 2013 pups.

February 10, 2014
Dear Terry, His love is everlasting! Some more to choose from!

February 10, 2014
Hello Terry!
Hope all is well at the kennel! We can't believe Heidi is already a year old! She is such a good girl. We have been feeding her the blue seal puppy formula you recommended since we brought her home and she has done so well with that. We wanted to see what you recommend for her now that she is a year old.....this is when we switch her to adult food right? Thank you for getting back to us when we have needed advice. She weighs 39 pounds.

January 12, 2014
Well it’s almost a year since I picked up GABBY and I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well and enjoys her new home. She went from a small black puppy to a silver puppy after her first haircut as you can see in the pictures. She sleeps all day while I’m at work and then wants to play all the way until bedtime. I have spoiled her rotten, but like all my other poodles she is smart and affectionate (she will lick your face off) but shy at first with strangers. Everybody who has met her wants to steal her from me. I will probably be looking to get a male mini poodle to keep her company late this year (2014), please let me known when you expect the next litter.


January 8, 2014
Happy New Year Teresa,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of the pups enjoying the snow they are getting so big and there so beautiful.
Hope you enjoyed your holidays